I have known David Goykhman for over 10 years, and I met him through a family friend who has done business with him. In early 2001 my wife and I had fell onto some difficult times financially. We had some money put away and we had two kids finishing high school within two years. When we met David, I was absolutely taken back at our first conversation. He was extremely knowledgeable, honest, and thorough with us. He showed us the different options that were available to us, and explained in great detail how they all worked. I knew that night, that I would work with David. Today it’s been over 10 years and not only is David Goykhman our financial advisor, he is a very close friend.

– Shlomo G.

I cannot tell you in words that gratitude I have for the help you’ve given to us. Throughout the years, you have gotten a chance to know our story and the challenges we’ve faced. You have helped us immensely! The services you provided us have helped us tremendously, and most importantly, you have proven to be a man of your word, and a man of integrity!

– Alex B.

After meeting with many financial professionals and then meeting you, it became very obvious that working with your company was the best choice for us. Over the past 5 years it has been a pleasure to work with you. When we need to ask you questions you always make yourself available, and that’s a rare quality. We have done business with others before you, and it seemed like as soon as the papers were signed, all the things they said and promised disappeared. NOT with you! You have been excellent to us, and we both are very thankful.

– Dina N.

I have definitely learned the difference between what a financial salesman is versus a REAL financial advisor. Working with you has been an incredible journey! I look for many more years of health and prosperity! You are one good man, David.

– Nelly G.