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Retirement Planning

We know how important financial independence is to our clients. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all plan for retirement. Each person’s retirement plan needs to be customized to their situation, timeline, and lifestyle. Goykhman Financial Services works meticulously to find solutions to your retirement questions—developing a plan, tracking progress, and making adjustments where needed.

Retirement should be a time of freedom, a time when you do what you’ve always wanted to do. We work our whole lives to be able to retire and travel, spend time with grandchildren, work on volunteer projects, or cultivate new hobbies.

Let Goykhman Financial Services help you realize and achieve your retirement dreams. We work with our clients to help them examine their current retirement savings efforts, calculate how much they’ll need to retire, and determine what changes need to be made to ensure they meet their goals.

Life Insurance

There are many reasons to look into life insurance, whether or not you have children. Even if you’re not supporting a family, you may need life insurance to protect your family’s mortgage. If you’re married and provide your family’s main source of income, there’s a chance your spouse could be left homeless if you pass away unexpectedly.

Allow Goykhman Financial Services to formulate a life insurance plan that can meet your family’s needs in the unexpected case of your passing.

Estate Planning

Like life insurance, estate planning ensures that your family is taken care of after you pass away. However, careful estate planning safeguards your estate, making sure your property goes to the people you want.

Working with your lawyers, we can help clients review their estate plans and analyze them for liquidity and estate tax liability in the event of your death. We help our clients save on taxes, court costs, and attorney fees.

Making sure your assets are passed to your heirs with minimal cost and maximum ease, Goykhman Financial Services works closely with your estate-planning attorney to give you the best plan possible.


People are living longer nowadays, which means they have more time than ever before to enjoy life and spend time with loved ones. Our longer lifespans also present us with a challenge—not outliving our retirement income. Statistics show that we’re spending 15, 20, and even 30 years in retirement!

To calculate their necessary retirement income, retirees need to take into account how much income they’ll need after they retire, how long they could live, and knowing how much they can withdraw from their portfolios without depleting them.

Annuities, one of the most advanced financial products on the market, are designed to meet long-term retirement income needs. In addition to providing clients with protection against loss of principal and credited interest and a death benefit for beneficiaries, annuities can also help clients save for retirement with minimal taxes compared to some other methods.

Fixed index annuities can provide clients income for as long as they live, much like an insurance contract. When the market goes up, your account is credited. When the market goes down, you lose nothing. Contact Goykhman Financial Services today for a free consultation and learn how annuities could be your ticket to a successful retirement.

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